Recess is a vegetable-centric, fine-casual restaurant at Krog Street Market in Atlanta. We make food that makes you feel good and won’t slow you down. Chef Victoria Shore’s menu features dishes and beverages both healthy and delicious. Dine-in, take away, eat, drink, share, laugh, and get ready for whatever your day may bring!




Victoria Shore


With family roots in Georgia, Victoria Shore developed a passion for cooking from her Lebanese family history. Growing up, Shore’s family expressed their love and passion through food and she grew up filling the gaps in her father’s cooking repertoire with baking.

After graduating from The University of Georgia, Shore moved to Wiscasset, Maine to pursue her love of cooking at The Squire Tarbox Inn, where she worked on the line, in the garden and wherever she was needed. A lover of history, Shore combined what she has learned in the restaurant kitchen and historical styles to create new and technique driven dishes.

Shore moved home in 2013, where she worked as the pastry chef at home.made Catering in Athens for two years, before joining the Castellucci Hospitality Group at Cooks & Soldiers. As the pastry assistant, she started a successful in-house macaron and sorbet program. Shore then brought a strong work ethic and passion for food to Double Zero, where she served as sous chef, with a heavy hand in the restaurants pastry program.

Now Shore is the chef at CHG's latest concept, Recess — a food stall located in the vibrant Krog Street Market development. She plays a large role in menu development for the stall, a neighborhood café with plant-focused, chef-driven options.


Federico Castellucci, III


Federico Castellucci, III is the President and CEO of Castellucci Hospitality Group. Federico has been working in the restaurant business his entire life, holding his first job as an eleven year old in a bakery in Rhode Island. Soon after, as a teenager, he began working in the family business holding various roles in the kitchen including cook and kitchen manager before heading to college.

While working on the business takes most of his daytime focus, Federico spends time in the restaurants during the evening hours building customer relationships and developing employee talent. In addition to his roles within the company, Federico serves on the Board of Directors of the Georgia Restaurant Association and is actively involved as a mentor, advisor and investor in early stage hospitality technology companies.

Fun Fact: In his free time, he enjoys regular yoga practice, discovering new independent musicians and having daddy-daughter dates with his baby girl Olivia.